Top Ten motion pictures of 2014

A few notes:

– I had originally intended to post reviews on each of my Top Ten before posting the list. That did not happen since I am still rewatching and taking notes on them. Therefore this Top Ten list is now a list of the movies I’m going to spend the rest of this year and years after revisiting. So this list obligates me to write more about the ten included on it.

– I also had planned to post this list before the end of the year, but living in Louisiana limits access to many movies I knew I wanted to see before I made the list. So I made the Oscars my deadline for the list, which allowed me to watch about 20 movies I would’ve missed since they did not become available to me until after Jan. 1.

– Criteria for Top Ten simply included those movies that I am still thinking about and have rewatched and still want to revisit. The “Five Almosts” were those I enjoyed but have little desire to see again. There are many aspects of the movies in the “Five Nots” that I admired, but each one also has characteristics that really frustrated me. Still, they’re worth mentioning.

Top Ten of 2014

1.  The Congress (director: Ari Folman)

The Congress 1

2.  Enemy (director: Denis Villeneuve)

Enemy 2

3.  The Double (director: Richard Ayoade)

The Double 1

4.  Only Lovers Left Alive (director: Jim Jarmusch)

Only Lovers Left Alive

5.  Under the Skin (director: Jonathan Glazer)

Under the Skin

6.  Noah (director: Darren Aronofsky)

Film Bible Blockbusters

7.  The Rover (director: David Michod)

The Rover

8.  Gone Girl (director: David Fincher)

Gone Girl

9.  Jimmy P. (director: Arnaud Desplechin)

Jimmy P

10.  All is Lost (director: J.C. Chandor)

All is Lost

Five Almosts:

The Trip to Italy


Two Faces of January



Five Nots:

Grand Budapest Hotel



Beyond the Hills


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